2006 Hub City Parade and Car Show

Every year the city of Limon, Colorado has a car show and craft fair in the downtown area, that used to be known as the "James Dean Daze".   This year's 16th annual event was held on September 16th.  The show participants meet at a truckstop at the junction of I-70 and US 24.  At 10 am, all of the street rods, classics, muscle cars, streetmachines, and trucks parade from the truckstop to downtown along Business Route 70.  Once downtown, the show vehicles are parked on several streets and the show begins.

The images on this page are from the parade route and feature most of the vehicles entered in the show.   Four SCM members attended the show with their Mopars, while several members also showed their other than Mopar collector vehicles.  Note, some non-member Mopars were are also featured.

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