Visit to MoPower Masters in Denver, Colorado


After meeting for breakfast at Gunther Toody's in Colorado Springs, eight members from SCM visited the MoPower Masters shop in Denver on Saturday, December 16th.  This company has 1000s of new and used Mopar parts, engines, transmissions, sheetmetal, and whole vehicles for sale.  They also do repairs and modificationsFrom the images below you can see some of the parts that they have in stock. The following members participated:

Bob S., Rodger R., Lee D., Rob W., Roy G., Aaron L., John R., & Tony D.

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After Mopar Masters we visited a friend's collection in Denver.

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Following a great lunch at Red Robbin, we all paid a visit to long time member Nate J., who was recovering from a knee replacement operation at a local hospital.  We all got to watch Nate do his physical therapy with his own personal therapy machine.  It must have worked well, he never screamed once while we were there!

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